Some links about Rural Sociology & Rural Life

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Some links about Rural Sociology & Rural Life

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Some links about Rural Sociology:

- The Rural Sociology Society:

- Wikipedia - English: 'Rural Sociology': Review with links to other scientific resources:

- Cornell University - 'The Core Historical Literature of Agriculture':
Rural Sociology issues: ... 75626.html

- Auburn Faculty of Agriculture 'Southern Rural Sociology' - Online review about Rural Sociology:

- The International Rural Sociology Association:

- The European Society for Rural Sociology:

- Rural Sociology Group at Wageningen University (Holland):

- Vacancies in the Rural Sociology Group at Wageningen University:

- University of Idaho (USA): Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Department - Newsletter:

- PennState University - College of Agricultural Sciencies - Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology: (founded in 1923):

- Google groups - 'misc.rural' newsgroup:

'misc.rural' FAQ: ... rural.html
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