Role of biotechnologies in coping with water shortage

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Role of biotechnologies in coping with water shortage

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Coping with Water Scarcity:
What Role for Biotechnologies?

thisis a short issue (30 pg.; 9Mb) published by the web site and reported in the 'FAO-BiotechNews 1-2009' - newsletter.

More about it fromthe samenewsletter:

'As part of its Land and Water Discussion Papers series, FAO has just
published "Coping with water scarcity: What role for biotechnologies?" by J. Ruane, A. Sonnino, P. Steduto and C. Deane. The publication brings together the background paper and summary report from a moderated e-mail conference that was organised by FAO as one of its initiatives to mark World Water Day 2007, whose theme was "Coping with water scarcity". The conference's main focus was on the use of biotechnologies to increase the efficiency of water use in agriculture, while a secondary focus was on two specific water-related
applications of micro-organisms, in wastewater treatment and in inoculation of crops and forest trees with mycorrhizal fungi.'.

To download it:

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