Documents: Molecular markers for tropical trees

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Documents: Molecular markers for tropical trees

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Molecular markers for tropical trees

As part of its ICRAF Technical Manual series, the World Agroforestry Centre has recently published "Molecular markers for tropical trees: A practical guide to principles and procedures", by A. Muchugi and co-authors, edited by I. Dawson and R. Jamnadass. The 89-page guide describes some of the key issues that should be considered before starting molecular studies (part 1); relates the characteristics and practical procedures of different molecular methods (part 2); and describes how to handle the molecular data obtained
(part 3). The guide is designed for technicians, students and other
laboratory researchers interested in exploring the practical applications of molecular marker techniques for tree management, as well as for managers and scientists working across disciplines who need to understand more about molecular marker research. See ... n15601.pdf (708 KB) or contact for more information.

Source: FAO-BiotechNews 1-2009

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