Sweet potatoes

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Sweet potatoes

Post by Zingiber(Guest) »

I would like to have some informations about sweet potato farming.
The soil here is poor, compact (lot of clay); besides we have water dearth in summer ....only few rain (only sometimes), no rivers, only torrents.
So I thought sweet potatoes: could it be a good choice? What can I do so that my crop thrive?

Re: Sweet potatoes

Post by Pino(Guest) »

Hello, I'm italian and so I can tell you here in Italy almost noone grows sweet potatoes, but only simply potatoes.
I have read something about sweet potato in Wikipedia and they tell sweet potato is not so close to potato (solanum tuberosum), but she contains a lot of starch too. For this reason is an important root vegetable.
You can find more about it at this page of wikipedia:



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