Link list about the agronomist

The AGRONOMISTS are PROFESSIONALS mostly acting as advisers in crop-farming & cattle-breeding, but their wide university education allow them to change their job and engage in solving a wide range of problems of rural districts, as well as caring & designing the landscape, protecting the nature & practicing the agricultural-research & extension.
In some countries the agronomists are known with other titles like agronomy-engineers, agricultural engineers, agrologists.

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Link list about the agronomist

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The word agronomist has a different meaning around the world, also because of the different activities of these professionals. Frequently agronomist are those who work as agro-technicians altough in many countries you can find also other qualifications for those working in this technical field.

You can find more about the agronomist around the world in this web pages:


- European Federation of Agronomists Associations

- (in Italian; en italiano)

- (an important arabic agronomist), the same page more widely treated in Italian is available at this web page:

- Olivier de Serres (The most important agronomist in the Renaissance) (page in Italian): ... =1&Lget=EN (page in English):

- L'agronomo (in Italian, from Wikipedia):

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