Some mailing-lists for agronomists

The AGRONOMISTS are PROFESSIONALS mostly acting as advisers in crop-farming & cattle-breeding, but their wide university education allow them to change their job and engage in solving a wide range of problems of rural districts, as well as caring & designing the landscape, protecting the nature & practicing the agricultural-research & extension.
In some countries the agronomists are known with other titles like agronomy-engineers, agricultural engineers, agrologists.

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Some mailing-lists for agronomists

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Here follows a review of some mailing-lists for agronomists to discuss on professional issues:

English mailing-lists for agronomists:

(1) 'OP agronomists' is a list in which people talk and exchange ideas about issues related to the palm oil cultivation for the biofuel production. It has been founded Nov 29, 2000; at present it counts on 122 members: ... roup&slk=2

Spanish mailing-lists for agronomists:

(1) 'agronomos_guatemala' is the web community of the agronomists' college of Guatemala, they use to interact and exchange informations through the Net. It counts on 1975 subscribers and it has been founded on Jun 19, 2003 ... roup&slk=1

Anyone can send us links about other English and Spanish discussion boards and mailing-lists for agronomists, with the onloy requirement to have enough members subscribed so that could be really possible to talk with other people about professional topics for agronomists.
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