'The Agronomist', story of an eroic agronomist

The AGRONOMISTS are PROFESSIONALS mostly acting as advisers in crop-farming & cattle-breeding, but their wide university education allow them to change their job and engage in solving a wide range of problems of rural districts, as well as caring & designing the landscape, protecting the nature & practicing the agricultural-research & extension.
In some countries the agronomists are known with other titles like agronomy-engineers, agricultural engineers, agrologists.

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'The Agronomist', story of an eroic agronomist

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In the following page of the web-enciclopedia 'Wikipedia' we can find more about a central-american hero, wo fought during his life for the freedom of his country: Haiti, where he worked as agronomist and died some years ago. He was Jean Dominique and we have known him cause of a Jonathan's Demme documentary-film about its life.

To know more about this epic personality:
--> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Agronomist
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