Flooding Orchards to Replenish Groundwater: A UC Experiment

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Flooding Orchards to Replenish Groundwater: A UC Experiment

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The following link is directed to a video about an interesting research conducted by the University of California's Institute for Water Resources.
They have been studying a way to replenish ground-water during the long drought-period that has affected the agriculture, an important industry in California.
The leading question was: could the tree root-system be negatively affected by artificial water-flooding, during the rainy winter months?

In order to give answer to this question, some Californian researchers have tried to recharge the ground-water by flooding some local orchards during the wintertime.

LINK: http://ucwater.org/news/onfarm-groundwater-recharge

- The title of another similar research conducted at UC Davis show out the success of such study:
'Managed winter flooding of alfalfa recharges groundwater with minimal crop damage' http://calag.ucanr.edu/archive/?article=ca.2018a0001

- A further link to video about alfalfa flooding: http://ciwr.ucanr.edu/california_drough ... oughttips/

Source: University of California - Institute for Water Resources (http://ucwater.org/).

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