Urbana-Ill.Univ: Pesticide Safety Website Launched

How to to get rid of crop pests, keeping them out of your orchard, veggie garden, stable, house.

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Urbana-Ill.Univ: Pesticide Safety Website Launched

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Pesticide Safety Website Launched

The new site, whose name is 'Pesticide Safety Education Program' (--> http://web.extension.illinois.edu/psep/) contains the current issue of the Illinois Pesticide Review as well a past issues. It also features tips and fact sheets, a directory of training manuals, training schedules, certification information, and a comprehensive list of resources.

Among the topics covered in the latest Illinois Pesticide Review are the home, yard, and garden pest guide, information on the correct of sprayers, and pesticide shelf life.

Source: News release from the University of Illinois College
of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, 05/08/2008.
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