Overstated role 4 conservation agriculture in climate-change

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Overstated role 4 conservation agriculture in climate-change

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An international group of scientists, led by Professor David Powlson, Lawes Trust Senior Fellow at Rothamsted Research, have published a critical review in the journal Nature Climate Change which concludes that the role of no-till agriculture in mitigating climate change may be over-stated.

No-till and reduced tillage are methods of establishing crops with minimum soil disturbance, in contrast to conventional tillage involving ploughing or other cultivation practices. No-till can deliver benefits in many, though not all, situations including improved soil quality and retention of water in soil for use by crops. This has a clear advantage in dry regions of the world.

No-till usually leads to an increase in the concentration of organic matter....

BBSRC news release reported by the BBSRC's newsletter 'News from BBSRC - August 2014' (13/8/2014).

BBSRC is the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (UK).

The entire news article can be read on the website of the (BBSRC): http://bbsrc.ac.uk/news/food-security/2 ... hange.aspx

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