Guide 4 extension educators 2 interface with media

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Guide 4 extension educators 2 interface with media

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A guide for extension-educators to interface and interact with digital and traditional news-media:

This link is directed to an interesting resource for Extension Educators, professionals frequently working in universities.They write research news, or compose audio and video news-podcasts, but this is only the first step of their task to make a certain research-news can spread outside and reach the readers.

Extension Educators also interact with journalists of digital and traditional media, acting the just way to get the articles can meet their needs.

This course is composed of seven podcast in which the author explains, little by little, the just way to commit on making your news can meet the interest of the 'gatekeeping', a leading person in the media team that, he considers, decides if a news can reach the reader, or not. In that direction social-medias are at present the leading tool the extensionists can benefit to achieve their goal.

The author of this web-site and course is an extension educator at Alabama State University. You may know more about him visiting is web site where you can also find the way (at the top of the home) to this audio-course.


From the same author this article, published by Alabama Cooperative Extension System, 'Media relations fundamentals for Cooperative #Extension professionals':
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