Resources to improve skills in agricultural communication

In this forum are listed AGRICULTURAL JOURNALISM-SOURCES/RESOURCES available in the internet.

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Resources to improve skills in agricultural communication

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Waiting to develop a specif section in which are reviewed web sitesabout Journalism about agiculture, we point out ot you some resources to make better our skill in writing text about agricultural topics.
In this techinical field some interesting documents can be downloaded from the home page of the web site of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ): ,

where we can download some essays in which they tell us about particularly the following issues (in the section 'News from the world of
Agriculture Journalism'):

- 'How to use photographs to boost your rural readership'.
- 'Using color today to boost your rural readership'.
- 'How to choose subjects and headlines that pull in rural readers'.
- 'How to create front covers that attract rural reader'.
- 'Finding fascinating, moving, heart-breaking and hilarious stories in the most banal of topics'.
- 'Strong news releases - more important than ever'.
- 'Creative ways to connect with your audiences in an interactive era'.
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