Some websites about agriculture in Italy - Reviews

National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) - Agricultural and environmental indicators
English page of the Italian Institute of Statistics (ISTAT). The linked page treats Agricultural and environmental indicators.
C.R.P.A. - Reggio Emilia
C.R.P.A. (Center for the Research in livestock Breeding): is an Italian regional research institution specialized in livestock breeding research. The researches developed at CRPA deal also with environmental impacts of livestock breeeding.
In the presentational section of the English homepage of CRPA you can find all the novelties about the research activity.
Besides if you understand a few the Italian language it could be interesting to browse the large italian database of this web site deepening a lot of issues about livestock breeding and linked environmental issues, as for example the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control approach.
CRPA is located at Reggio Emilia (near Bologna), in the northern region Emilia-Romagna; it is also in the center of a wide agricultural area, one of the most productive in Italy. In some areas of Emilia Romagna are produced some italian most famous food specialities, like Parmesan cheese, hams, tortellini, wines and various sorts of fruits.
The most of the tech-documents you can browse on this web site are at present in '.pdf' format, so you can read them in your mobile devices.
Research Institute for Biometeorology - Division of Bologna (IBIMET)
As pointed out in the home page of this web site: 'The mission of the Section of Bologna of the Institute of Biometeorology (IBIMET) is to investigate the relationships between natural and agricultural surfaces, environment and climate'.
This research institute is part of the CNR (National Research Council).
To get more informations about the different research activities realized by this institute you can visit the following divisions of this web site:
  • Research activities: In this pages you can read all about the different research activities in Bologna division of IBIMET, the most of them, as you can see browsing the pages of this web site, deal with agricultural and environmental issues (the leading activities are listed directly in the home page). Besides each section conducts to pages containing reviews of these research activities and prentations of the researchers' careers, with their skills, experiences and addresses.
  • Know-how: In this section you can find other informations about research activities realized by the Bologna division of IBIMET.
CRA-API (former National Institute of Apiculture)
This is one of the main Italian web sites about bee-keeping. CRA-API is one of the research institutes of the Italian agricultural research network CRA, depending from directives of the 'MIPAAF', the Italian Agriculture Ministry (Ente CRA has recently been renamed 'CREA').
In the English web site of INA you can find a presentation about its story and activity and also the operative structure of 'Ente CRA'.
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