Italian newspapers and press agencies - Reviews

Il Corriere della Sera
The 'Corriere della Sera' means 'The Evening Courier'; it is the most known indipendent italian newspaper. It is published in Milan.
Milan is an industrial city placed in the middle of the Po river basin plain in the northern zone of Italy.
On Sunday, the "Corriere della Sera" publish a page in which they talk about italian agriculture.
La Repubblica
La Repubblica means "The Republic"; it is an indipendent Italian newspaper.
This newspaper is appreciated for being very updated in its social news and events about cinema, theatre, premieres and other important cultural events.
Il Giornale
La Stampa
'La Stampa' means "The Press"; it is the main newspaper of Turin and one of the best known Italian newspaper.
Turin is an industrial city in the north-west part of Italy; together with Milan and Genua it outlines the oldest Italian industrial area, from which started the Italian industrial development, at the beginning of the 20th century.
Turin is famous for the car industry (FCA).
Il Giorno
Il Sole-24 ore
Il Sole-24 ore (= The Sun-24 hours) is the most known Italian financial newspaper.
Italia Oggi
This is an other italian financial newspaper.
L'Arena (Verona)
Il Gazzettino Online (Venezia)
'Il Gazzettino Online' is one of the most read newspaper in the north-east part of Italy (Veneto, Friuli), that is one of the most recently industrialized zones in Italy.
L'Alto Adige (Bolzano)
Il Piccolo (Trieste)
Il Secolo XIX
This is the leading newspaper of Genua (a town placed in the region of Liguria).
Liguria region is the most ancient zone in Italy where flowers are cultivated also in winter (greenhouses).
La Nazione
This is the most important newspaper of Florence.
Il Resto del Carlino
This is the most important newspaper of Bologna; it release also local editions in some other places of central-northern Italy.
L'Unione Sarda
Il Tirreno (Livorno)
Il Messaggero on-line (Rome)
Il Tempo (Rome)
Il Mattino on-line (Neaples)
This link conduct you to the online version of the leading neapolitan newspaper.
La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno
La Sicilia
ANSA - Agenzia Italia isthe leading Italian press-agency.
Agenzia Italia (AGI)
AGI - Agenzia Italia is a press-agency.
Adista is a press-agency.
'Internazionale' (='International') is a weekly magazine in which you can find selected translactions of articles from international newspapers and magazines.
In the recent published podcast section of this web site there are some 'journalism lessons', in which some foreign correspondent talk about their work as a journalist in various different nations and situations.
In the bottom of the home page you can subscribe the international daily/weekly newsletter, that permit you to receive updates about the most important newspaper titles, from international press.
It was the newspaper of the former Italian Communist Party; it was founded in 1924 by Antonio Gramsci.
This historic journal has followed, during the latest years, the many changes of the leading Italian left-wing party.
Il Manifesto
Il Manifesto (= The Manifest) is an indipendent left-wing newspaper.
L'Avvenire is an evocative traslation standing for the word 'future' and is the name of a catholic newspaper.
Il Foglio
Il Foglio means 'The paper sheet'.
Il Secolo d'Italia
'Il Secolo d'Italia' means The Italian Century. It was the newspaper of the former Italian center-right party 'Alleanza Nazionale' (= National Alliance). Till 1995 it was also the newspaper of the once only Italian rightist party 'Movimento sociale'.
Corriere dello Sport
'Corriere dello Sport' means the sport courier and is an italian sporting newspaper.
La Gazzetta dello Sport
'Gazzetta dello Sport' means the sport gazzette and is an Italian sporting newspaper.
'Tuttosport' means something like 'All (only) Sport' and is an italian sporting newspaper.
Granma Internacional
Granma Internacional is a multilingual Cuban newspaper. In its website you can also find an italian and an English version.
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