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The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ)
They tell us about their association: 'The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) is a non-political, professional association for agricultural journalists in 29 countries.[...]'.
This definition is the best introduction to what we can read in their website, because the agricultural journalism allow everyday people to be educated about technical and economic issues related to agriculture. In this direction it doesn't need to care of being politic-free, because the investigation of scientific issues shouldn't usually have anything to do with politics: a scientific aproach ask the researchers to be always opened to any possible solution for a certain problem investigated.
We can expect that an apolitical organization could be the best option to get a technical support in order to understand professional issues and solve the relates problems.
In the 'professional development' section of the IFAJ's website are published some resources useful to the agricultural journalist, in making his writings better and more effective. This documents are almost all in '.pdf' format and help the journalist to solve the following practical problems:
  • 'How to use photographs to boost your rural readership'.
  • 'How to choose subjects and headlines that pull in rural readers'.
  • 'Tips for photographing livestock'.
  • 'Finding useful information online '.
  • 'How "presentation copy" - headlines, decks, subheads, cutlines and callouts - helps you reach your audience'.
  • 'Can publishers really afford to be ethical?[..]'

(This review has been revised on February, 19, 2016)

University of Illinois, Urbana - Champaign Agricultural Communications Documentation Center
As reported in some pages of this web site:
The Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC) is a very wide literature collection and information service developed by agricultural communications faculty members at the University of Illinois, Urbana. Among the documents hosted in this web site are some from the archives of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB), others from the archives of the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT) and others from the International Program for Agricultural Knowledge Systems (INTERPAKS).
In this web-site you can also find further documents by means of the web site search engine.
Other sources of informations about agriculture and landscaping are the web site on-line newsletter, a bulletin containing articles about the communication in the agricultural sector, with statistical data and surveys.
Finally a very long list of web-resources is contained in the 'Useful link' section.

(This review has been revised on February, 19, 2016).

Wikipedia: 'Agricultural Extension Service'
'Agricultural extension service' is a very used term you can find to denominate the technical sector involvved in the application of the scientific research in open-field contexts, so that farmers can profit it (see also outreach-service).
You can find an extension-services in almost every US university. 'Extensionist' is the professional who work for this service and whose job is to transfer scientific research results to the people, that in agricultural sector are mostly the farmers, so that they can get better results in their cultivations and cattle-breeding.
At the bottom of this Wikipedia page you can also find a long list of site where you can read more about the 'extension technics'.

(This review has been revised on February, 20, 2016).

Association for Communication Excellence in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Life and Human Sciences
This is the web site of an association who cares the Excellence in Journalism. Its headquarter is in Florida (USA).
In this web-site are also some resources to increase your journalism skills and mainly you can find:
  • The past issues of the 'Signals' newsletter, usually sent bi-monthly to the members.
  • Some reviews of publications about journalism, realized by journalists.

(This review was revised on February, 20, 2016).

AGNIC - US University Study Programs in Agricultural Communication
At this internet page of the AgNIC web site, you can find a list of the US university courses about agricultural journalism, which contains some details about them.

(This review had been on February, 20, 2016)

Canadian Farm Writer Federation
In this little web site of the Canadian Farm Writer Federation you can download 'The Farm Journalist', Newsletter '.pdf', of this association and another newsletter ('The Nib') publishing news from the Eastern Canada Farm Writers' Association.
You can find other useful information visiting the sections 'Canadian Farm Media', containing links to all the Canadian Agricultural magazines and the section 'links' with a selection of other interesting web-sites related to the agro-journalist activity.

(This review was revised on February, 20, 2016)

The UK Guild of Agricultural Journalists
GAJ is a British association of agricultural journalists. In this web site there is a search engine by means you can find all the journalist specialized in different specific agricultural sectors. There are also links to the main British agricultural institutions and informations about a lot of agricultural events and news.

(This review was revised on February, 20, 2016)

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