Privacy notice of the user-interfaces

The following information is proposed in correspondence with the website forms:

- Foreword: The processing of data included in this brief information is based on consent, or it is necessary to provide some data essential to be able to respond to the communication sent through this form and finally declare consent to the processing of data provided .
- Where it is desired to publish events of any kind, or establish any kind of relationship with Agrolinker, it is essential to complete all the fields of the form, indicating in particular the company / entity for which it operates, as a subject of communication and in addition , the contact details needed for a possible contact.
- Necessary data: Communications sent by physical persons must contain an e-mail, related to a company / institution / professional studio, etc., while personal data are not essential for contact purposes other than those who want to make a contact on a personal basis.
- In this case it should be noted that the identification data provided (email, name and surname) will be used by the Data Controller, the Director of Agrolinker, Luca Federico Fianchini, only to send the reply, will not be disclosed to third parties, or transferred on servers located outside Italy, will not give rise to any form of personal profiling.
- The communications sent, after the eventual answer, will be filed, subdivided by year and by month, within encrypted computer supports, so as to guarantee their security and confidentiality.
- The data provided will not be transferred to third parties and you can ask at any time for confirmation of the existence, updating, or cancellation from the Agrolinker archive.
- If the communication does not meet the indicated purposes, for which this form has been prepared, any data sent will be deleted upon receipt and the communication will not be processed.
- Before the communication is sent, however, authorization must be given to collect and process the data included in the form. Otherwise communication will not be processed.

List of information on the Agrolinker website: