Forum-rule (including some further privacy-rules)

After reading and accepting the following regulation and the related information regarding the processing of personal data you can make the -> Registration to the Agrolinker Forum and related newsletter.

A copy of the forum regulation is updated (updated to 24 May 2018)

Agrolinker Forum Rules: Privacy Policy

The Agrolinker forum is a service, currently free, which is provided as it is; it does not have guaranteed standards, except those imposed by law to anyone, as in the case of having to guarantee the privacy of users whose data are processed. It is accessible at following internet address (

The protection of users' privacy is now considered by many organizations as a surplus-value, so Regulation No. 679 of 2016 of the European Union has adopted the concepts of 'privacy by project and setting' (Privacy by design and by default), which to a certain extent have always been shared by this site which, with a view to having to implement these rules, proposes them in its rules and requires their full acceptance as an essential condition for registration at the website.

By clicking the ACCEPT BUTTON at the bottom of the page, you agree to < u> -> PRIVACY POLICY (link) and the FORUM REGULATION (shown below).
This will start the registration process to the site, which ends only after the CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION, through an email, which will be sent automatically from the forum, in the email box indicated at time of registration.
If you do not receive this notification you can get it sent again by inserting the e-mail box, indicated at registration, in the form on the following web page.

-> LINKS PRIVACY POLICY - Terms and Conditions 'European Union No. 679 of 2016 and Legislative Decree No. 296 of 30/6/2003 and additional national laws (eg the Cookie Law) for parties that do not conflict with the EU regulation.


(A) General rules:

(B) Some rules, in the use of the forum , which requires compliance with to facilitate the processing of data in compliance with privacy legislation:

Anyone who believes that posts with illegal content, or otherwise contrary to regulation, have been posted, can request the -> intervention of the forum administrator.

(C) Retention and recovery of access credentials to the forum:

It is also important that each member retains his / her access credentials: he / she can modify personally his / her data, reduce them, remove them, anonymize them or, on the contrary, integrate them.
In case the subscriber loses the login credentials he can still request the forum administrator the cancellation, the updating and the modification of the data, or better yet, can personally restore access to the profile and remove all unnecessary data on its own, requesting a new password, through the appropriate interface.
In case you do not want to receive the newsletter, you will have to request the cancellation of the forum registration.

(Rules updated on 24 May 2018)

List of information on the Agrolinker website:

List of information on the Agrolinker website: