Norman Borlaug, US agronomist, died on Sept 12, 09

The AGRONOMISTS are PROFESSIONALS mostly acting as advisers in crop-farming & cattle-breeding, but their wide university education allow them to change their job and engage in solving a wide range of problems of rural districts, as well as caring & designing the landscape, protecting the nature & practicing the agricultural-research & extension.
In some countries the agronomists are known with other titles like agronomy-engineers, agricultural engineers, agrologists.

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Norman Borlaug, US agronomist, died on Sept 12, 09

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Norman Borlaug, US agronomist, died on September 12, 09

Norman Borlaug, father of the agricultural 'Green Revolution' has dead on 12 september 2009 in Dallas (Texas) where he lived. He was 95.
He was a Professor at Texas A & M University, where there is also an Institute, 'the Norman Burlaug Institute', that develops research programs for the developing countries.

Norman Borlaug was a genetist and for this reason frequently involved in activities for the improvement of the well-being of poor people in the Third World; he breeded, during his career wheat, rice and other crops to allow people to increase the profits of their agricultural activities.
He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970.

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