Real-time diagnostics for devastating wheat rust (News-source: CGIAR)

The AGRONOMISTS are PROFESSIONALS mostly acting as advisers in crop-farming & cattle-breeding, but their wide university education allow them to change their job and engage in solving a wide range of problems of rural districts, as well as caring & designing the landscape, protecting the nature & practicing the agricultural-research & extension.
In some countries the agronomists are known with other titles like agronomy-engineers, agricultural engineers, agrologists.

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Real-time diagnostics for devastating wheat rust (News-source: CGIAR)

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'Wheat yellow rust, caused by Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici (PST), is considered the most damaging wheat disease globally, causing yield losses sometimes higher than 60 percent. What’s worse is that new PST races have emerged in the last decade that are adapted to warmer temperatures, have expanded virulence profiles, and are more aggressive than previously characterized races. These new strains can lead to large-scale epidemics.

While considerable progress has been made in establishing global wheat rust monitoring systems and surveillance networks, pathogen diagnostics still rely on lengthy and costly controlled bioassays undertaken at a limited number of laboratories.

In order to implement effective early warnings and control measures,' [..]

Source: CGIAR, September 2017.

Link to the entire news-article: ... heat-rust/


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