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Some new web-sites about agronomists

Posted: May 1st, 2009, 9:05 pm
by admin
Some new and older web-sites about the agronomist:

(1) Wikipedia: The agronomist:

(2) Wikipedia: Agronomy (& the agronomist)

(3) Web site of an italian agronomist, in which he explain ('Doctors of Agronomy and Doctors of Forestry - Italian Standard -') in a simple way what agronomists do in Italy and what requirements are needed in this nation to be enroled in their Professional Register. In his website you can also find some issues showing us it is not an illusion to pursue an eco-sustaintable aproach to the development of human activities. In this site there are also beautiful photos of italian countryside.

(5) European Confederation of Agronomist Association:

(4) Web-site of the British register of professional agronomists:

(5) The newsletter about Integrated Crop Management at Iowa State University (USA). Here the extension agronomists provide informations to farmers about crop protection:

Everyone can update this list adding its link about this profession in its country (no advertising, please). This kind of link are often not easily forund in the internet, so you can use this board to make more people know.
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