Websites about agriculture in Palestine - Reviews

Arab Agronomist Association
Facebook-page of the Arab Agronomist Association, an organization established in 1992 (Association of Agronomists of Palestina).
Palestinian Agricultural Reliefs Comitees
This organization, as explained in its web-site, was founded in 1983 to improve voluntarily the agricultural extension programs in the Jordan Valley; it is is structured in technical departaments.
In its web site you can find news about agriculture and are also many photos of country landscapes in the Middle-East.
This web site in published in English/French/Arabic.
(Reviews revised on February, 22, 2016)
Middle East Regional Irrigation Management Information System (MERIMIS)
Palestinian Hydrology Group - For water and environmental resources development
This research institution develops many activities as we can easily understand glancing at its web-site.
The PHG's website deals with a lot of technical issues related to the people well-being, like: water supply security, but also those related to the use of water in farming activities, as testified in the Gallery section containing some photos.
(Reviews revised on February, 22, 2016)
Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ)
The teaching activity of this education institution take place in a wide variety of technical field, with researchers and professionals commited in the development of the economy of a geographic area in which the agriculture play a key role.
Talking of educational resources, this web site publishes many tech-articles about research and monitoring activities in Palestine.
(Reviews revised on February, 22, 2016)
Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR)
This web-site provide also a periodic update by newsletter.
Woman Fund
Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
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