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Olive tree and cypress landscape in Florence. Olive oil and wine are some of the most typical and apreciated agricultural products of Tuscany.
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Organic farming and research in Italy

Organic acreage in Italy is the widest among the European countries (about 1 million hectares) and it is, at present, in a rising phase; at the same time Italy is second in the world for number of organic growers (about 50.000 organic farms).
This data have been released by the National Institute of Agricultural Economics (INEA) and by the German Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL) during the conference 'Development of knowledge and organic agriculture: New frontiers for the organic sector', that took place, last april 16, at the Agri-food Department of the National Research Council (CNR), in Rome.
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- Bluetongue: what you need to know - National Farmers Union (NFU-UK), February 11, 2016

- EPA Announces Updated Draft Efficacy Protocol for Copper Surface Sanitizer Products - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), February 10, 2016

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- DLG (German Agricultural Society) and Iranian Ministry of Agriculture agree on cooperation - German Agricultural Society (DLG), January 29, 2016

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- Blog: Should UK farmers be worried by EU-Ukraine agreement? - National Farmers Union (NFU-UK), January 19, 2016

- The Entomological Society of America (ESA) Statement on the Importance of Insect Collections - The Entomological Society of America (ESA), January 19, 2016

- Interactive map of illegal logging - Food and Agriculture Organization (UN-FAO) - FLEGT Projects, January 12, 2016

- Action Team Explores Public Policy Impacts on Ag - National Corn Growers Association(NCGA - USA), January 8, 2016

- Linkedin: Key for young ASA members - Agricultural Science Association (ASA) (Ireland), January 6, 2016

- 2016 Named International Year of Pulses - Soil Science Society of America (SSSA), December 17, 2015

- Plant patents: voice of farmers and agri-cooperatives needs to be heard ahead of European Parliaments vote ('.pdf' file) - European Farmers European Agri-Cooperatives (Copa - Cogeca), December 16, 2015

- Phase-down of fluorinated gases essential to reduce effect on climate - The European Environment Agency (EEA), December 9, 2015

- Fries with a side of acrylamide - American Society of Agronomy, December 2, 2015

- Courts decide on neonicotinoids legal challenge - National Farmers Union (UK), November 12, 2015

- Agricultural students cautioned about impact of social media on career - Agricultural Science Association (ASA) (Ireland), November 4, 2015

- Researchers Compare the effects of "Natural" Repellents to DEET on Aedes Agypti and Aedes albopictus - Entomological Society of America, October 28, 2014

- The wasp Trissolcus japonicus discovered by reserchers at Washington State University parasitizes brown marmorated StinkBug eggs - CBSNews - October 22, 2015

- A new mobile phone add-on can help you tell if an avocado is ripe without touching it - SkyNews TV (UK), October 16, 2015

- Canadian dairy farmers in tractors protest trade deal - France24 TV, September 29, 2015

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