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Olive tree and cypress landscape in Florence. Olive oil and wine are some of the most typical and apreciated agricultural products of Tuscany.
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New data portal makes research more accessible

When policy makers need to make conservation decisions, the evidence is either hard to find, hard to access, and/or hard to understand. Much of the information that conservationists seek is in PDFs locked up behind paywalls, buried in organization websites [..]
-->Press-release; The University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) - News; Daniel Miller, July 19, 2016 »Read more

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A selection of links to press-releases, news-articles and documents about agriculture:

- Secretary Vilsack Announces $36.5 Million for Specialty Crop Research and Extension Investments - United States Departement of Agriculture, August 2, 2016

- New EU study reveals EU would need 19 million more hectares of farm land to produce same amount of food without plant breeding techniques [..] ('.pdf') - - European Farmers European Agri-Cooperatives (Copa - Cogeca), July 28, 2016

- Innovations from Crop Research - SCI, July 28, 2016

- NFU meets new Defra Secretary of State - National Farmers Union (NFU - UK), July 22, 2016

- The power of scientific meetings - Researchers begin collaboration on research as a result of 2013 Fukushima symposium - American Society of Agronomy, July 18, 2016

- Americans’ Eating Patterns and Time Spent on Food: The 2014 Eating & Health Module Data (51 pp) - United States Departement of Agriculture - Economic Research Service, July 2016

- USDA Funds 80 Distance Learning and Telemedicine Projects in 32 States - United States Departement of Agriculture, July 14, 2016

- Neonics emergency application refused - NFU response - National Farmers Union (NFU - UK), July 5, 2016

- Organic equals conventional agriculture in the tropics - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) (Germany; English website), June 30, 2016

- Positive public view of farmers on the rise - National Farmers Union (NFU - UK), June 21, 2016

- Copa & Cogeca urge Member States to ensure all decisions concerning criteria to identify endocrine disruptors and authorization of them on EU market based on science using risk-based approach ('.pdf') - European Farmers European Agri-Cooperatives (Copa - Cogeca), June 16, 2016

- Global Nutrition Report: Malnutrition Becoming the 'New Normal' Across the Globe - International Food Policy Research Institute, June 13, 2016

- Pollution: Following tricky triclosan - American Society of Agronomy, May 25, 2016

- New Study: Trans-Pacific Partnership a Win for U.S. Agriculture - National Corn Growers Association (USA), May 19th, 2016

- Exemplary Photosynthesis - How could green algae improve our crop plants? - Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology (MPIMP), May 13, 2016

- What a chemist needs to know about patents - Society of Chemical Industry, April 26, 2016

- An online supermarket sourcing guide has been launched by the NFU so shoppers can find out who is backing British farming - National Farmers Union (NFU - UK), April 5, 2016

- ASPB Names 2016 Awards Recipients - Honors to be presented at Plant Biology 2016 in Austin - The American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB), March 28, 2016

- Topsoil and soil fertility tips for spring - North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, March 3, 2016

- USDA Invests $25 Million in High-Priority Watersheds to Improve Water Quality - United States Departement of Agriculture, February 26, 2016

- Economic Issues in the Coexistence of Organic, Genetically Engineered (GE), and Non-GE Crops - U.S. Department of Agriculture - Economic Research Service, February 26, 2016

- The facts on GM feed - National Farmers Union (NFU)(UK), February 24, 2016

- Plant Scientists Start Grassroots Petition in Support of GM Technology - American Society of Plant Biologists February 18, 2016

- 17th edition of "The World of Organic Agriculture" presented at BIOFACH - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) (Germany; English website), February 15, 2016

- Bluetongue: what you need to know - National Farmers Union (NFU-UK), February 11, 2016

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-> ICE - Italtrade - The Made in Italy Official Portal (UK page):

-> Italy-America Chamber of Commerce (New York - USA):

-> GARR - The Italian Academic & Research Network:

-> Italian Life Sciences Federation (FISV): Is composed by the following societie: AAI · ABCD · AGI · SIBBM · SIBE · SIBV · SICA · SIF . SIGA · SIMA · SIMGBM · SINS · SIP · SIPaV

-> Italian Phytopathological Society (SIPaV):

-> Abstracts of papers published on the Journal of Plant Patology (SIPaV):

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-> Euraxess.it: Italian version of the European Commission's portal 'Euraxess'; with informations & jobs about research in Italy

-> Bomarzo (Viterbo): The park of monsters: (photos of sculptures from a Renaissance strange italian garden)

-> Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani: (a consortium to promote the gastronomic heritage of italian processed meat products)

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